New Update 2019

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Easy Game Tips

Fortnite Chapter 2 (Season 11) has arrived bringing a brand new map and a ton of new features along with it. Epic Games did a fantastic job with Chapter 2 with giving the game a well deserved facelift. During the past 10 seasons the Fortnite map has had little change from time to time, along with new weapons, vehicles, and healing options but with the new update, it’s almost a totally new game. Being that there is so much change, below will be some helpful tips and tricks so that you can hit the ground running when playing in the new season.

Before jumping in on the tips, here is a quick look at some of the major changes this season has to offer.

  • Brand New Map- The entire map has been changed with pretty much all new locations with the exception of a few popular ones from previous seasons.
  • New Weapons- The game still has its staple assault rifles and shotguns but has added a brand new burst rifle to the list. Rocket launchers and grenades are still in the arsenal as well.
  • New Vehicle- Fortnite has added boats this season and they are actually the only vehicle the season has of right now.
  • Swimming Ability- You can now swim through the many rivers/streams, lakes and the ocean to help get around the map.
  • Hiding Spots- Bushes in the game are now much larger and are great hiding spots. There are also trash cans and hay bales that you can jump in to hide from enemies.
  • Carry Ability- If a teammate or enemy is downed, you can now carry them to help revive or just to have a little fun.
  • Fishing- Now you can fish for items like fish that can heal you and weapons, ammo, building material, etc…
  • Healing ability’s- There is a new “gun” that shoots bandages to heal yourself or your teammates. There are also natural healing elements, such as, trucks that when you break them will give you shield.

Now, on to some tips to help kickstart your new Fortnite experience.

Avoid Fights for a Better Chance of Winning

It really doesn’t matter if you have 0 or 15 eliminations as long as you are the last one standing. Pick and choose your fights wisely and don’t rush in to a fight that you are not certain to win. Play smart and choose good positions for a better chance of getting that win.

Pick a Good Spot to Land

While the end of the game is certainly important, the beginning and where you choose to land is even more so. If you choose to land at a known “hot drop” there will be more than likely a lot of people dropping with you. Picking a spot where there isn’t as many people will give you the best chance to find good loot and survive a lot longer.

Be Aware of the Storm

This seems pretty obvious but its surprising how many players die due to the storm. Be aware of the storm and when it is moving, make sure to give yourself plenty of time to loot and move to the next zone quickly.