Fortnite Chapter 2 is Awesome and Huge

Epic Games really didn’t have to do all that much to impress its legion of fans with the new Fortnite update, but they did it anyways. Epic Games didn’t just add a couple of new outfits and dances and call it a day, they’ve given fans enough new features to practically qualify Fortnite Chapter 2 as a legitimate sequel and not just an update to an already free-to-play game. Given their track record for pleasing the crowd, this really doesn’t come as that much of a surprise, but it’s still awesome to see Epic Games put so much work into going above and beyond the expectations of the player. This is even more impressive when you compare them to so many other developers that will ride the fruits of their labor well past the expiration date, releasing updates that barely add any new features just to try in vain to keep their game trending for another day or two. With the kind of integrity we are seeing from Epic Games as time goes on as Fortnite becomes more and more mature, naysayers are having to increasingly eat their words and fans are continuously looking forward to seeing what Epic Games does next with held breath.

So what all do we get in Fortnite Chapter 2? Honestly, we haven’t even deciphered the wealth of new material we’ve gotten, but what we have deciphered is worth another year put into this free “battle royale” as is. New rewards systems have been put into place to greatly increase the replayability and longevity of Fortnite for experienced players. These include a brand-new medal system that rewards you for performing specific tasks throughout the day with different tasks rotating in and out, a new and easier XP system replacing the old “battle star” system, and a plethora of newly-added achievements. The medal system is fun and very gratifying when you start figuring out how to build up your medal to maximize your reward, while the XP system doesn’t really change much from the “battle star” system, but it does seem to reward you faster, which makes gameplay a little more gratifying overall for both heavy and light players. The real star here is the achievements, which, for any experienced gamer, are a huge draw. Achievements are like actual medals you get for playing your game, and you can show them off to other players online who will be in awe of your stats. This is a huge addition to Fortnite, and makes long-term play that much more of a necessity for already hardcore players.

Plenty of great gameplay features have been added as well, such as upgradeable weapons, easier user-interface for new matches, new stealth mechanics, and new ways to replenish health. All of this, and that’s only what we’ve uncovered so far. There seems to be a lot left to go through in the new update, which has done more than enough to earn itself the title of Chapter 2. The prospect of continued Fortnite play only gets more and more appealing as the game is further developed, and I look forward greatly to the future of Fortnite and Epic Games.

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